We are light

There is no black. The language of happiness colors the canvases. There is no black. Creation happens here and now, beyond the senses, beyond reasoned structuring. Susie Gadea creates non-stop, translating light into small coordinates of green and blue, orange and lavender.

There is no time in this time. There are angels and birds of paradise whispering in the ear perplexing puzzles and zen-like messages. Illumination has no words and words are clues that mislead the heedless. To disclose the soul without words. To convey the joy of living in paintings acquainted with eyes and visions.

Perception, thinking, creating, in what order? Day and night, seasons, sounds and colors, in what order? We exist to be channels of happiness that sustain the universe.

Each picture-window opens with the desire of giving and closes with the gratitude of receiving. Explain the sun, the cold, the random chirping of birds, the cry of nature. Explain the warmth of hands, the way of the kiss, the union of beings, explain it clearly and with good strokes and herald it to the hearts. Explain the rays that pass through colors and connect our existences in monosyllables and glances of affection. Explain what is so clear. Feel what is boundless, live beyond yourself. Life needs no crutches. Rise up and walk on all waters. Open your eyes and breathe.

The universe has eyes like Susie´s, and it looks at you in the same way as the window-paintings of her house.

Armando Lozano
Madrid, 2009

Armando Lozano is an Art Historian.