The boundless mnemonic expanse

Susie Gadea develops a hypnotic trance careful of overlappings, of alternations, of iterations, each of which charts its own ascetic path, separate in context but concurrent with the mystical figuration of the whole. A totality that does not seek an identity in abstraction or informality, but is a fantastic experience of constant extrapolation, an agnostic journey into the terminology of color itself and the emotion that guides it.

For these reasons, each of Susie’s representations is an approach to different parts of the same vision that serves us to enjoy the moment, but above all leads us to consider the infinite combinations that vision obscures, the imaginative dimension that seems rooted in them, but in reality are alternative interpretations of the immersion in color as a fantastic chromatic liniment.

The color is extremely multifaceted, in its substance and its gesture, like a flower blooming or the sun changing every hour of the day, the nuances are endless as are the brushstrokes, the material treatment, the harmonious strokes with gentle scrapings, the radiances carried with the sweetness of abandonment and the strength of character of planning, of expressive organization.

This projection of Susie, ultimately sublime, attested to by a series of detailed records of inner development components, in no way affected but placid and childlike in its sense of precision and accuracy, is essentially, the cosmic joy of painting.

Sergio Gabriele
FemminArt Review
Rome, 2010

Sergio Gabriele is an art critic, author and musician. He is director of FemminArt Review and member of Alfabeto Morso.