The position of the artist is humble. He is essentially a channel.
Joan Miro


My hand is entirely the implement of a distant sphere. It is not my head that functions but something else, something higher, something somewhere remote. I must have great friends there, dark as well as bright. They are all very kind to me.
Paul Klee


My hand has become the obedient instrument of a remote will.
Paul Klee


Everything vanishes round me and good works rise from me of their own accord.
Paul Klee


I never know what I'm going to put on the canvas. The canvas paints itself. I'm just the middleman.
Peter Max


Images of the inner worlds appear through spontaneous painting.
Gordon Onslow-Ford


I paint because the spirits whisper madly inside my head.
El Greco


As I paint, I feel waves of energy flowing through me, like the currents of the ocean. My hands are guided by the creative force.
Ruth Rhoten


The pictures were painted directly through me, without preliminary drawings and with great power. I had no idea what the pictures would depict and still I worked quickly and surely without changing a single brush-stroke.
Hilma Af Klint


I have been no more than a medium, as it were.
Henri Matisse


All authentic art is conceived at a sacred moment and nourished in a blessed hour; an inner impulse creates it, often without the artist being aware of it.
Caspar David Friedrich


I'm in tune with the right vibrations in the universe when I'm in the process of working.
Louise Nevelson


I try to be a truthful artist and I try to show a level of courage. I enjoy that. I'm a messenger.
Jeff Koons


Each painting is fresh and new and a surprise even to myself.
Ann Jackson


Losing yourself in your creation, the universe speaks with you.
Valerie Kent


Perhaps our work must be without a human buddy, yet a deeper relationship grows with something indescribable that assists us directly. This unseen energy is what we get to collaborate with, and sometimes it takes our hand and guides us profoundly.
Linda Saccoccio


The duty of the artist is not to be calculating in any sense, so that he may be free himself of human emotions while carried by the universal forces of life. Only then does one not think about making art, or about styles, or directions. Something comes about, something happens.
Karel Appel


The artist is a vessel for creativity. He has the key to the door of a very special place, which he can open at will. He doesn’t paint but is painted through.
Tom Katz


There are unknown forces in nature; when we give ourselves wholly to her, without reserve, she lends them to us; she shows us these forms, which our watching eyes do not see, which our intelligence does not understand or suspect.
Auguste Rodin


In the brush doing what it is doing, it will stumble on what one could not do by oneself.
Robert Motherwell


I paint not by sight but by faith. Faith gives you sight.
Amos Ferguson

Technical skills can be learned by almost anyone who has the determination to pursue it, but innovative ideas and the ability to express them come from some place beyond the material world.
Carole Ann Borges

I remain detached and distant, but it is under my eyes and my orders that the work of art must create itself. Then, when the creation starts, I stand there, present at the ceremony, immaculate, calm, relaxed... ready to welcome the work of art that is coming into existence in the tangible world.
Yves Klein

I myself do nothing. The Holy Spirit accomplishes all through me.
William Blake