Susie Gadea



"For me, painting is a joyful journey within. I work intuitively and spontaneously without preliminary sketches, my emotions and inner sensations lead the way and express themselves in the language of dreams. 

A child-like wonder seems to envelop me as I explore the intrinsic energy of color and light.

Working in several stages and applying multiple layers, I mix paint to diverse consistencies right on the canvas –which lays on the floor– and then daub, pour, spread, scrub, drip or scrape, incorporating gestural brushstrokes to blend, smooth or enhance.

The result is a surface that seems to connect with the viewer in an almost magical manner, that somehow soothes and vitalizes at the same time. A subtle glow which can barely be described with words seems to flow from within the canvas, evoking pleasure-filled sensations or memories."