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Interview with Guillermo Pescador

Published by Iberarte, March 2009



Iberarte has chosen to approach Susie Gadea, an artist whose sensitivity goes beyond color and light, to reach the essence of what surrounds us and connects us, where nothing can remain detached, but is part of the whole.

Where does that passion for painting come from?

One is born with a creative inclination, as a child I secretly drew in class and at home spent long hours with art books. I remember I could not hold back the tears when I visited the Frick Museum in New York and found myself in front of a Turner, which from the worn page of a book, was a great friend of my childhood. Art has always called me, but it was a love that terrified me. Making the leap from design to painting, and even more to make public this painting, has I required decades of inner work.

Conscious dreams - Susie Gadea

You live in Madrid since 2005...

That's right, I needed a change to renew myself and to continue growing. My children are Spanish and it seemed logical to come, I love Madrid's lifestyle.


What would you highlight of your work?

I think that light is the cornerstone of my painting, through the act of painting I seek an understanding of light which to me is the essence of the visible and invisible structures.

I think that somehow painting is the philosophy of the visual sense and the qualities of light -from the ephemeral to the fierce- are its alphabet.

That is why I seek to dialogue with light and reflect on it from the very act of painting, to broaden my view of life and of nature as expressions of light. Light is made up of waves and particles of many hues, its resonance is charged with emotion.

The challenge is making tangible that subtle effusion of light, by distilling it directly on the canvas, so that the image is not only a metaphor of feeling but it contains and transmits it.


Must an artist necessarily achieve an inspired trance in order to create?

I would not call it trance, perhaps because of the implications of the expression. My works stem from the intuitive perception of a subtle energy that arises within me, that is, I seek in my own light ways to trap and capture on canvas the energy of color and to develop new ways of interacting, through my work, with light in others. In my eclectic search throughout my life I have found that humans are light, like other every living thing, we have a field of shimmering crystal light around us, a beautiful multi-colored prism.

This light, which comes from the spark of life that holds our cells together, reflects our biological and emotional state. This bright and sensitive bubble that surrounds us also connects us to the Source energy, from which all creation emerges.


Your painting establishes a connection to the world of symbols and dreams...

My process of painting is rather playful, I paint on the floor, squatting like children do. I try to bring my attention to the piece of canvas under the brush, and do not think about the outcome but just enjoy what I do. It is possible that the evocative power arises from the viewer.


Advanced celebration of the improbable - Susie GadeaIs your painting the expression of the mystery of the human being?

Mystery? There 6,800 million people on this planet, and we are all unique and paradoxically identical. We are One and we are all interconnected. Borders, and religious or racial differences are fictitious.

Everyone of us, at some level of our being, hopes for optimism, peace, freedom, wholeness and transcendence of spirit over matter. Perhaps my painting can contribute a little bit in this regard, by bringing a glimmer of hope in the troubled times we live.


What part of the world reflected in your painting?

I would say that the idealist part, the one that believes that anything is possible, even lasting peace. The one that believes that it is never too late and that the glass is half full. The one that is enthusiastic and confident that everything happens for the greater good.


Any plans for the future with your painting?

In the near future a new series called Luminescence, which I aim to show in Lima, my hometown, where I not lived in 40 years ago and where I've never exhibited. After that, whatever the waves of life may bring. With her artistic work Susie Gadea seeks to connect with the essence of people, and encourage contact with our innermost self.